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Welcome to the ninth edition of our ASPA Partner Focus series. We have interviewed the latest new joiners and would like to share their mission and why they chose to be a part of the Cardano community and the Ardana project!

1LOVE started with the test network for Cardano, where they quickly discovered that stake pool operators face significant challenges in finding funding and support to get started. 1LOVE formed a group to help other pools like theirs gain stake and earn their first blocks on the test network. This gave them the opportunity to join the Ambassador Program for the Cardano Foundation moderation team on Telegram and Reddit.

Their mission is to support community members, stake pool operators (ITN bootstrap program), and developers. As their network continues to build and grow, they will continue to do their part to support others also.

1LOVE believes that Cardano has excellent potential to create a stable, secure, and sustainable blockchain foundation to build upon in the years to come. This is why they have chosen to become part of the Cardano community.

1LOVE sees Ardana as an exciting new chapter in Cardano’s journey, as community members will now be able to access direct lending and swap capabilities from Ardana’s liquidity pools with native assets without having to convert or pay higher fees on other networks. 1LOVE stated, “I think this will be the next evolution of direct personal on-chain banking.”


IAMX has been following Cardano’s development since 2020. Since some of the team members run a telecommunication company, the question arose, “How will blockchain change the telecom business?”

After much research and investigation, the team has plans to provide millions of people with a solution to manage their own identity when it comes to telecommunications. And, most importantly, they have the ability to provide a solution to many people with no identity at all.

IAMX believes Cardano is the most scalable blockchain in the world. They are impressed that Cardano is focussing on developing countries and also stated that there is no other alternative to adopting an identity solution.

The team also praised the team at Ardana and commended the project. They are excited to see what Ardana will soon bring to the Cardano blockchain.

Kawan provides emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters by depositing 10% of the pool’s reward into an emergency wallet fund, which is distributed as aid in the event of a natural disaster. Kawan is also building a solid local community in order to raise awareness of Cardano’s vision and mission.

This stake pool is inspired by Cardano’s vision and mission to lead the developing world into the new age of financial freedom. Kawan believes that Cardano will transform the world’s financial system forever through its rigorous scientific research and outstanding team.

Kawan is excited to join Ardana through the ASPA program and said they are very impressed with the stablecoin development and governance structure that Ardana brings to the community.

RISE started out in August 2020 and has minted over 500 blocks so far. The team is dedicated to using its pool as a means of funding charities around the world. They do this by donating 20% of the pool’s profits to a different cause each month. A worthy cause is chosen by the community through social media polls each month. Thanks to this method and their delegates, they have donated over $6000 to eight organizations so far in 2021.

The pool’s second mission is to provide excellent staking services to their delegators with high-performance nodes and monitoring to ensure constant availability.

The team is excited to be part of the Cardano community, stating, “We like the idea of banking with unbanked people as a mechanism to mutually benefit and grow while implementing tools that will ultimately help drive innovation in these demographics. Solutions like Atala Prism appeal to us because they create an identity on a decentralized platform.”

The stake pool finds the scientific peer-review process of Cardano development inspiring. They believe that no matter what happens in the crypto market, Cardano’s scientific rigor and innovative solutions will still come out on top.

When asked about Ardana, RISE said: “I think the team has been great at communicating and explaining their stablecoin ecosystem, development methodology and the rationale behind certain decisions, as well as the interest in mission-driven pools, which sets them apart from other projects that do not have that.

AZUL’s mission is to help workers in low-wage countries receive tips in the form of ADA. These smart contract-based donations will then arrive directly to those in need, cutting out all unnecessary intermediaries. This means no friction loss, no expensive charity parties — just fast and direct help.

The team is also a partner to the NFT’s project and hopes to bring curated art to the NFT space. Their long-term goal is to work full-time in the Cardano space.

The team fully supports Cardano and believes it will be one of the most important blockchains in the future. AZUL is also proud to be a member of the Cardano community and has found great stake pool colleagues here, with who they communicate regularly.

AZUL believes in Ardana and also stated that stablecoins will be very important for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. “Decentralization is the foundation of blockchain. We love that ASPA supports both and aims to bring benefits to the stake pool community.”

Thank you for reading the ninth article in the ASPA Partner Focus Series! We at Ardana understand that for DeFi on Cardano to flourish, stake pools must be engaged from inception to adoption.

This is why we created ASPA to engage stake pools that we align with to work towards the betterment of this ecosystem.

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