Anton Dziatkovskii is formally admitted into Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SEYCHELLES, May 2, 2022 / — The Platinum team is proud to announce that Anton Dziatkovskii, co-founder and CEO of Platinum Software Development, has been formally admitted into Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). The fact that one of the company’s key figures has become a member of one of the biggest open-source blockchain initiatives, with more than 250 member companies all around the world, is definitely great news for both Platinum’s developers and users.

The primary goal of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is to create a standard for an Ethereum-based enterprise blockchain called EntEth 1.0. This coalition seeks to meet the business requirements of its participants by developing a configurable blockchain solution. It is worth mentioning that private distributed ledger technology solutions require significantly different features than public ones, like Bitcoin. An increased level of confidentiality and encryption should be applicable to a large number of transactions.

Moreover, those who pursue enterprise solutions should integrate the existing internal systems of the companies in question. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance also works with the Ethereum Foundation to build a universal code base (Parity and Geth). This functionality is to be used in both open and closed Ethereum blockchains. An integral part of the consortium’s mission is to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information about blockchain development and its practical business applications.

“I am genuinely proud to call myself a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. For me personally, it is not just a fancy status, it is a real chance to elevate the Platinum brand to another level in terms of blockchain adaptation. There is absolutely no doubt that my association with the EEA will lead to a qualitative change within Platinum, enhancing its market performance and attracting new users,” says Anton Dziatkovskii, CEO of Platinum Fund.

About Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The EEA is an industry-supported, non-profit organization that was created to build, promote and support the best Ethereum-based technologies, open standards and open source reference architecture. The EEA helps turn Ethereum into an enterprise-level technology through research and development in a number of areas, including privacy, confidentiality, scalability and security. The EEA is also exploring hybrid architecture that covers both closed and public Ethereum networks, as well as industry application layer workgroups.

The EEA will co-develop open industry standards and promote collaborations with its members. It is also open to any members of the Ethereum community who wish to participate. This open source framework will facilitate broad and deep mass adoption to a degree that would otherwise be unattainable by individual enterprise repositories and it will provide insight into the future scalability, privacy and confidentiality of the public Ethereum network without permission.

About Platinum Software Development

Platinum Software Development is a team of professionals with valuable experience in supporting a number of projects in the field of data processing. They help them to communicate their visions for the DeFi space and move towards achieving them.

Platinum’s highly-motivated and experienced IT and blockchain specialists help their customers build top-tier dApps based on Avalanche, Solana, NEAR and Octopus, meeting even the most sophisticated of requirements.

Platinum can also offer enterprise IT solutions and services that enhance business processes and leverage innovative technology, from consultancy services and strategy formulation, to shaping roadmaps and continuously improving large transformational projects across diverse industries.

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