Anime NFT Project Sells Out in Seconds Despite the Crypto Bear Market

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2022 / City of Zion is an emerging Web3 Brand that sold out its first Zion GOLDPASS NFT collection in 54 seconds on 13th November at 6 pm UTC with massive demand on the XOXNO Marketplace.

Only 777 GOLDPASSes exist, and thousands of minters competed to get them first. The GOLDPASSes immediately doubled in value. Within hours, Zion has risen to the sixth position in the “7 Days Most Traded” list on XOXNO Marketplace. According to independent software analyzer Lunar Crush, Zion has continuously trended as high as number 5 among the top weekly influencers on the Elrond (MultiversX) blockchain.

Zion has yet to drop their premium “SOULZ of Zion” NFT collection between December 2022-January 2023. The GOLDPASSes will act as the VIP-whitelist-equivalent for early access to mint the SOULZ at a discounted price. The Zion GOLDPASSes also have their own staking pool coming out in December, where holders will be able to stake their GOLDPASS NFTs for various merchandise and other Zion brand items.

Renzo, the CEO of Zion released a video commenting “we are so thankful to our community and for the support that we have had leading up to this… We are completely excited, we’re ecstatic, this is the middle of the bear market and we are making noise, we are bringing hype and awareness to the Elrond blockchain, we continue to build.”

Zion is an all-in-one NFT, Streetwear, Anime, and Gaming Brand that bridges Web3 with Web2 and Web1. Zion is building “The Holy City” for their Community on the Elrond blockchain, which recently made waves in the crypto space with its global “X-day” event in Paris.

City of Zion is known for its branding and slogans like “Take The Golden Path”, “Victory-Always”, “Slay the bear, show no fear”, “IKUZO”, “The Holy City”, “Manifest your Soulz”, and “ZEALOUS”.

Zion’s world-building involves a new “ZEAL” power system for Anime fans, which has been previewed in their Official Litepaper 1.0.

Zion is working full-time on their ZEAL Token, ZEALOUS BROTHERS Anime, SOULZ collection, and entry into the gaming market. The founders and staff have doxxed themselves, and Zion appears to be here to stay, as seen by their Litepaper and roadmap.

The project is built on the Elrond Network. It is a blockchain platform that is highly scalable, quick, and secure for distributed apps, business use cases, and the new internet economy. On Twitter, the City Of Zion has a sizable community of 13,000 followers.

To stay updated about Zion, follow their social media channels:

Zion GOLDPASS Collection

Media Contact:
Michael M-J
Co-Founder and CEO
[email protected]

SOURCE: Zion Multiverse

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