Analyst says Bitcoin (BTC) could reach $79,000 in 2023

  • Veteran trader Tony Vays predicts that Bitcoin could hit $100K in 2023, creating a new all-time high.
  • Analysis from BTC backtesting indicates a possible repeat of historical behaviors. 

According to former Wall Street analyst Tone Vays, the price of Bitcoin could spike significantly in 2023. Despite the prolonged bearish market condition affecting the crypto market, recent speculation shows that Bitcoin could skyrocket next year.

The tragic fall of FTX, the crypto exchange owned by Sam Bankman-Fried, triggered the intensity of the bearish market condition. For instance, the world’s number one cryptocurrency has hit two-year lows following the crash of FTX. If FTX succeeds in soliciting funds, the crypto crises might dampen. 

Vays predicted a long bull run for Bitcoin in 2023 while addressing his millions of YouTube subscribers. From his perspective, if Bitcoin falls to a low of $11k, the digital asset could still reach a new ATH of $100k in 2023. He believes that his prediction will attract long-term holders to buy more BTC. 

We can have a capitulation down to $11,000 and still hit $100,000 next year. Because a lot of Bitcoin is about to go into cold storage because people can buy it on the cheap.

Last week, BTC hit a low of 15,600, a few hundred dollars over its estimated production cost of $15,000. Currently, BTC trades at $16,712.22, gaining about 1 percent in the last 24 hours. In Vays’ analysis, if BTC closes above the $18,500 support level, then the expected low might come in. Unfortunately, BTC is yet to hit the support level after his prediction. All fingers are crossed at the predicted mark as the digital asset advances the $18,500 mark. 

More Reason why Bitcoin will skyrocket in 2023- Ex Wall Street Analyst

The veteran trader has added another confluence to his analysis – the funding rates on the crypto trading platform BitMEX. He said the current rates indicate an incoming bottom for BTC based on historical behavior. 

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In his analysis, he carried out backtesting on BTC behavior in previous years. He centered his research on events that occurred before BTC’s all-time high. He said:

That’s how markets tend to bottom. Let’s look at the last time that the BitMEX funding rate was this low. The last time the funding rate was this low was back in May 2021. Let’s see what happened in May 2021. That was right here [$30,000]. Eventually, off of that, we went to a new all-time high [of $69,000]. So I’ll take these odds. I’ll take the odds that the low is in.

Analysis from the chart indicates that most traders are heavily accumulating short positions. This ongoing situation may send for a short squeeze in the crypto market. The listed analysis by Tony Vays could break the current ATH of Bitcoin come 2023. 


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