Ambrosetti joins VeChain to boost sustainability in fashion industry

Ambrosetti, a consulting firm that predicts economic and geo-political outlooks for Italy and Europe, has joined forces with VeChain, a leading blockchain enterprise. Venice Forum will be the first international summit on 27 & 28 October 2022 to dedicate a sustainable fashion field transition. VeChain Forum, a grade L1 blockchain, consistently delivers a highly scalable, low-carbon smart contract. The VeChain ecosystem delivers the best resources that solve real-world economic challenges.

Ambrosetti Forum, led by The European House, forecasts the economic outlooks at the annual international economic conference. It also analyzes technological and scientific developments and their future impacts on businesses. So the conferences are held for meetings, presentations, and debates. The vision of this forum is to become the reference event for the discussion of sustainability in the fashion world. Additionally, they would be studying the current and future of a key supply chain for transition.

“Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022” has two themes. One is, Just Fashion Transition, arranged by The European House – Ambrosetti, under the patronage of Assocalzaturifici and Confindustria Venezia Area Metropolitana di Venezia e Rovigo to be held on the first day.

Another theme on the second day includes the values of fashion led by Italian Fashion and Sistema Moda Italia national camberNGOs, Institutions, brands, supply chain experts, business representatives, advisory teams, and advocates of sustainable transition will be joining this conference to discuss the challenges and opportunities to resolve and gives a clear path to an effective transition.

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