All you need to know about Ryoshi – Shiba Inu’s mysterious creator

Who is the creator of meme crytpo Shiba Inu? Is the creator a he or a she? Is the Shiba Inu founder from Japan? There are endless unanswered questions about ‘Ryoshi’ – the so-called Shiba Inu’s creator, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery. 

Ryoshi has no face, but the name alone is enough to turn heads in the crypto world. The word Ryoshi which means “fisherman” in Japanese, however the meme symbolises a dog.  

As the coin exploded in popularity, there were increased speculations about the identity of the brains behind the Shiba Inu phenomenon. As a result, Ryoshi published a blog post titled ‘I AM RYOSHI’ on 29th May. 

 Let’s take a quick look at the blog to learn more about Ryoshi. 

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An enigmatic “nobody” 

Shiba’s creator, “Ryoshi”, is more than just a name; it evokes the emotions of millions of crypto enthusiasts. SHIB enjoys a strong bond with its community and as its creator, Ryoshi is bound to garner massive attention from Shiba Inu fans. However, in a clear attempt to play down his/her significance, Ryoshi calls himself/herself a “nobody”.  

The mystery figure wrote in the blog –   

No one rules the Shiba realm 

The establishment of the Shiba Inu realm, which provides equal treatment, power, and freedom to all Shiba supporters, is another reason why Ryoshi has gained so many supporters. 

In the Shiba Inu community, every decision regarding development, upgrades, and changes to the project is decided by community member votes. Therefore, there is no single person, group, or entity that owns Shiba in its entirety. 


SHIB, according to Ryoshi, is a pure, decentralised token that belongs to the community. The SHIB community, according to Ryoshi, is more powerful than any one man, entity, or nation. 


Ryoshi not a SHIB owner 

Ryoshi revealed in a blog post that he does not own a single SHIB token, which stunned all crypto enthusiasts. Ryoshi mentioned in the blog post, 

No place for scammers 

Ryoshi is adamant about Shiba’s vision and goals. Ryoshi said,  

Last thoughts 

In August of 2020, Shiba was launched into the crypto world. Shiba has grown at a breakneck speed in just one year. Shiba outperformed Dogecoin in October, climbing into the top 10 list in terms of market value. The success of Shiba showcases Ryoshi’s devotion and commitment towards giving Shiba a recognition in the crypto world.  

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