7 Best Crypto Utility Tokens Set to Rise in 2023

Meme coins have proven that the hype around them can last for only so long before they crash and for a crypto project to be sustainable, it must develop a utility token that solves real-world problems. 

Our review team has analyzed 7 of the best utility tokens that make people’s lives more convenient or help with major real-world issues.

Brief Overview of The Best Utility Tokens

Before we detail exactly what makes these projects unique and how they benefit investors, let’s quickly see what the best utility tokens offer.

  • IMPTEco-Friendly Crypto Rewarding Carbon Footprint Reduction 
  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – NFT-based Game with Deflationary Coin Providing Rewards
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Metaverse Game with 6 Platforms
  • Ripple (XRP) – Cross-Border Coin Enabling Efficient and Low-Fee Transactions 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Bitcoin Alternative Offering Faster Processing and Low Fees

Now that we’ve determined the best utility tokens, let’s explore each of them and find out how investors benefit by getting involved in these projects.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Overall Best Utility Token Currently in Successful Presale

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto analytics and intelligence platform that has launched one of the best utility tokens, and investors have noticed, with its presale already raising more than $5 million in just over two weeks. Its native D2T token enables investors to access its signals and on-chain analytics platform.

The best part about Dash 2 Trade’s presale is that investors can be part of a $150,000 giveaway – to qualify, investors must own at least $150 D2T tokens on the day of the draw. The platform multiplies an investor’s entries for completing social media tasks such as subscribing to the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel and tweeting about the platform.

The subscription packages offered are Free, Starter (400 D2T per month), and Premium (1,000 D2T per month).

One major feature of the platform is investors receive buy and sell signals to increase their profits without needing to do extensive technical analysis. 

Dash 2 Trade also offers fundamental data such as market insights and on-chain analytics, helping traders determine what movements the whale wallets are making. 

Social indicators are also provided, consisting of key metrics about coins that the crypto community is discussing on social media, which can build hype around an asset and result in its price pumping.

Investors wanting to know about upcoming crypto projects will also receive alerts of new crypto presales and new coins listed on exchanges. Dash 2 Trade manually reviews the presales and scores them out of 100 on a range of insights including their audits, tokenomics, and developer credentials.

The platform has made trading fun by developing a social feature that enables traders to swap ideas and chat with each other, and also tracks the strategies shared and determines the best-performing ones to provide them to the rest of the community.

The project is currently in stage 2 of its 9-stage presale with tokens on sale for $0.05 – by the final stage, tokens will sell for $0.0662, a 32% increase from the current price.

Dash 2 Trade also already has a confirmed listing with LBank after the presale ends.

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2. IMPT – Eco-Friendly Crypto Rewarding Carbon Footprint Reduction 

Another one of the best utility tokens our team discovered is IMPT, with this crypto utility token enabling investors and businesses to work toward a common goal – making our planet cleaner by making it greener.

IMPT is in the second stage of its presale, and has raised more than $11.5 million after selling out the first stage four weeks ahead of schedule.

The first stage of the presale enabled investors to buy IMPT tokens for $0.018, with the second stage underway, investors can get their hands on the tokens for $0.023, before a further increase to $0.028 in stage 3.

IMPT has developed a platform that enables investors to be rewarded for shopping with their partnered retailers.

Investors receive IMPT tokens, and the retail partners make contributions to environmental causes, providing the investor with an indirect contribution to the environment.

IMPT also enables direct contributions, with a social feature tracking each user’s carbon footprint, and rewarding users with points when they make a positive contribution to the environment. 

Each user is scored according to their contribution, and users who burn their carbon credits receive higher points.

IMPT tokens can also be converted into carbon credits, and investors can hold them as assets after they’re minted into NFTs. IMPT also offers points to businesses that integrate its platform into their operations.

Since IMPT has raised millions of dollars since the beginning of October and its presale looks to

sell out before its intended date, investors shouldn’t sleep on this project.

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3. Calvaria – New Play to Earn Game with Scalable Crypto

Calvaria’s native $RIA currency is a utility crypto for many reasons – besides being an appreciating asset, $RIA tokens have raised just under $1 million for this play-to-earn game. 

The coin is currently in the third stage of its presale, and investors should get in now to avoid paying higher prices.

The coin is available for $0.02, but increases through 10 stages – with the final price $0.055 each, a 175% increase from the current price.

RIA coins are headed for major exchanges after the presale ends as Calvaria has formed partnerships with Kucoin and Gate.io. 

Rewards are offered with two tokens, which can also be used for in-game purchases or sold on secondary markets.

Calvaria provides true asset ownership as it enables players to use them in third-party decentralized applications and RIA holders can use the coin for staking to earn daily rewards.

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The platform also enables token holders to determine the project’s future by acting as governors and voting on critical issues. 

In the game, Duels of Eternity, players need to defeat opponents by strengthening their card decks and using strategic combinations – the coins enable players to buy higher-level cards by combining cards of the same strength. 

To collect the game’s resources, earn more coins by staking them, and defeat opponents, investors must own RIA tokens. 

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4. Tamadoge (TAMA) – NFT-based Game with Deflationary Coin Providing Rewards

One crypto utility token that has an edge over other meme coins is Tamadoge and its native token TAMA.

The token is fully tradeable on exchanges and is also rewarded to players who climb the leaderboard for taking care of their digital pets in the Tamadoge game.

TAMA had an extremely successful presale, selling out in under two months, before the project’s ICO proved to be even more popular. 

A few days after TAMA was listed on OKX, its price pumped and provided early investors with 1,800% returns during a bleak crypto winter.

Another key aspect that makes Tamadoge one of the best utility tokens is that it’s a deflationary asset. 

The game’s developers burn 5% of all pet store transactions – where players buy toys, treats, and food for the pets – reducing the coin’s supply. 

As demand increases and its supply intrinsically decreases, TAMA’s price will be set for another explosive rally.

Players can feed, exercise, and breed their pets to climb the leaderboard. Once players have groomed their pets into adults, they can put them into battles against other pets. 

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5. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Metaverse Game with 6 Platforms

IBAT is the native token of Battle Infinity, a fantasy sports game enabling players to participate and receive rewards from 6 platforms. 

Investors saw that IBAT is one of the best utility tokens, resulting in its presale selling out within 25 days, even though it was intended to last 90 days.

An exchange listing followed, and IBAT proved once again that it is one of the best utility coins by surging 700% from its presale value. 

The game’s developers are constantly refining the platform and have recently enabled staking, with the game enabling players to choose between solo, duo, and crates staking. 

The global staking pool also rewards highly-active players with IBAT token, while players can also earn tokens by monetizing their lands and competing in tournaments. 

Battle Infinity enables players to explore the Metaverse with VR headsets and interact with other players in real time. 

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6. Ripple (XRP) – Cross-Border Coin Enabling Efficient and Low-Fee Transactions 

Some investors will argue that XRP is possibly the best utility token, enabling the transfer of funds globally at the fraction of the cost a traditional transfer house would charge. 

Ripple’s network enables investors to a peer-to-peer network that clears transactions in seconds and costs pennies.

Ripple has proven that XRP is a utility crypto that provides massive returns as well. It had huge rallies during 2013 and 2017, providing early investors with at least 1,000% returns.

The only thing stopping XRP from going off another bull run is its lawsuit with the U.S. SEC. Once that litigation ends and XRP is proven not to be a security, it will flourish again.

7. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Bitcoin Alternative Offering Faster Processing and Low Fees

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed on the blockchain, but it had several flaws and required a significant amount of time to process transactions, which were expensive. 

Bitcoin is considered a store of value like gold. But the world needed a Bitcoin alternative that could be used daily.

Bitcoin Cash was designed to provide what Bitcoin couldn’t.

While Bitcoin is seen as a gold bar, Bitcoin Cash is a credit card, enabling consumers to use it daily because it processes a large number of transactions in a few seconds and costs only a few pennies.


Our review team concluded that out of all the best utility tokens, Dash 2 Trade takes the top spot.

It’s continuing to attract a high level of investment in its presale, and offers traders and investors access to a platform that should help them to be more profitable. Check out the Dash 2 Trade presale now before the tokens rise in price during the next phase.

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