7 Best Altcoin Top Gainers For 10x Gain In The Bear Market

Before the crypto market could reverse the effects of the recent slump, bears took charge of market sentiment. As a result, the global crypto market cap took a hit and decreased by over 5.36% in the past 24 hours, bringing down the total value to below the $980 billion level. This is unnerving for most investors, but some are hopeful for the top altcoin gainers like D2T, IMPT, RIA, and TAMA.

Some altcoins in the market are putting up a good show in the face of market difficulties. This indicates that one could profit from the situation if one picks the right altcoin to invest in. But it is impossible for first-timers or those who lack the much-needed experience to cherry-pick the right altcoins. That is why we have solved your predicament in this article.

There are many reasons for top-gaining altcoins to head in the opposite direction of the market. All it takes is careful observation to know the top altcoins that are ripe for investment right now. Just read on to identify the top 7 altcoins to invest in right now and why they are among the top gainers despite the crypto market taking a nosedive.

7 Best Altcoin Gainers in the Market

1.    Dash 2 Trade: the fastest-growing presale of the year

2.    IMPT.io: a unique carbon offsetting platform

3.    Calvaria: a P2E game model offering true digital ownership

4.    Tamadoge: a nostalgic memecoin with lucrative P2E in the Metaverse

5.    Chainlink: a progressive blockchain enabling universally connected smart contracts

6.    VeChain: a long-standing and versatile enterprise-grade smart contract platform

7.    Toncoin: top-performing altcoin working on Web 3.0 internet solutions

A detailed look at 7 best altcoins perfect to invest in

Now that we have identified the 7 best altcoins for investing, it is time to explore what each of them has to offer investors. Make sure to read through and take note of the best features of the top-gaining altcoins mentioned below.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is a potential winner this season, even though it is still in the presale phase at the moment. But there is no doubt that this project has created a demand for itself right from the get-go. Dash 2 Trade is supported by the renowned learning platform for trading called Learn 2 Trade. The team behind Dash 2 Trade aims to build the first-ever crypto trading data platform.

Dash 2 Trade will also be launching a tax-free native token called D2T, which would unlock the platform’s best features for users. The main objective of this project is to make it easier for crypto enthusiasts to trade, irrespective of their experience and skills.

In a matter of weeks, the Dash 2 Trade presale has collected more than $5.6 million as of the time of writing. In stage 4, the D2T token value would increase further, making it both necessary and more profitable to get in the game right now.

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After a long time, there is an emerging green investment to make for crypto enthusiasts who wish to contribute to minimizing climate change and carbon emissions. A team of industry veterans has come up with the whole idea of IMPT.io.

The participation of both individuals and businesses is a unique aspect of IMPT.io. According to the news, around 10,000 of the largest retailers around the world have committed to collaborating on this project. The true value of the IMPT.io ecosystem is brought out by carbon credits that make carbon removal easy for all. For this reason, the team made acquiring carbon credits a simple process so that the IMPT marketplace becomes the origin for offsetting the carbon footprint for all people connected with the ecosystem.

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For those who are accustomed to the play-to-earn model, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is highly investment-worthy. Calvaria takes the form of an expertly designed P2E game that features unique battle trading cards. Using these cards, players battle for supremacy and get a chance to be added to the leaderboard. But the best thing about playing Calvaria is that it gives players true digital ownership of in-game resources.

Backed by blockchain technology, Calvaria is changing how P2E games limit players from benefiting from the true value of their in-game possessions. You can partake in Calvaria’s exciting ecosystem and upcoming game launch by purchasing RIA, its native token, via presale. RIA is currently inching closer to concluding stage 4 of its presale after raising several millions collectively.

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Tamadoge is a well-known emerging P2E that achieved its first milestone during its presale. Tamadoge features the latest in NFT and token standards to give you the most promising memecoin of the year. The native token, TAMA, is an ERC-20 token that is already listed on CoinMarketCap. After raising $19 million in funds from global investors, Tamadoge also secured several crypto exchange listings.

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Chainlink is climbing the charts at $8.2 at the time of writing, according to the stats available at CoinMarketCap. Since its foundation in 2017, Chainlink has been a promising project that makes it possible to universally connect smart contracts. 


VeChain started off as a private consortium chain back in 2015. But after completing the transition to a public chain, VeChain became a promising investment for all those interested in IoT and blockchain collaboration. 


TON is not an unexpected addition to this list, as this next-gen network has been working on a few promising developments. Toncoin intends to unite all the existing blockchains with the internet using its commendable processing power. 

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At any moment, the crypto market gives careful investors several opportunities to win back their losses. But most people overlook that opportunity and are stuck in a downward spiral when bearish sentiments are all over the market. The aforementioned 7 best altcoins, including the likes of Dash 2 Trade, IMPT.io, Calvaria, and Tamagoge, are heading forward with solid gains. Investing in these cryptos can significantly improve one’s situation.

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