3 best DeFi coins to invest: Tamadoge, BNB, and Uniglo.io

Recent analysis suggests GLO, BNB, and TAMA could be the best options for your portfolio over the next few months. Some say GLO is the pick of the bunch and could be ready to explode in price despite worsening overall market conditions. If you want a bear-market buster ready for growth no matter how other tokens like BTC and ETH fare, look no further than the most deflationary crypto project ever: Uniglo.

Part of what makes GLO so incredible is its next-level dual-burn mechanics. These tokenomics got even better when GLO announced it would destroy every unsold presale token this month on launch day. So there are still a few days left to invest if you want to enjoy GLO’s predicted growth to the top of the altcoin world.

Uniglo (GLO) introduces next-level burn mechanics

As part of a range of features that help make GLO the most deflationary token ever, including a full asset-backed store of value that’s protected against market dips – GLO has the best burn mechanics in the business. With a radical dual-burn model, it will destroy tokens on every sale alongside a unique buy-back-and-burn protocol which continues to increase scarcity over time. And when the project burns a vast amount of supply on launch day in a one-off insane burn event: GLO will get even more scarce.

That means now is the perfect time to buy GLO before an unprecedented amount of supply is destroyed instantly, and it continues to become more scarce over time.

Tamadoge (TAMA) listed as the next-best new crypto

GLO might lead the way for new crypto projects, but TAMA follows close behind. It’s got a unique outlook and a range of features that help give it mainstream marketing appeal as part of its NFT-pet virtual universe. Moreover, TAMA’s early presale performance has been impressive, raising millions in sales and preparing early investors for continued growth.

Binance Coin (BNB) is still a credible option

BNB isn’t as new as TAMA or GLO, but it’s still a good option for your portfolio for the coming months. As an integral part of the Binance ecosystem, holders enjoy various innovative features and earning opportunities with BNB. It also has burn credentials that nearly match GLO’s, thanks to a similar buy-back-and-burn model. So while it might not have the early strength GLO gives to investors, it should still have a long and profitable future.


BNB, TAMA, and GLO are the best crypto investment opportunities ever. But GLO leads the way, wowing onlookers with its revolutionary burn mechanics. There’s still time to invest before the project burns even more tokens, so take a look at it immediately.

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